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How It works

Step 1: Fill the Box With Goodies

This is the fun part.  Shop our catalog of equestrian oriented items that will make you smile when you think of them being unpacked, one by one.  Present Pony has a wide variety of items from human snacks to boot socks to saddle soap.

Step 2: Select a Card

Every Present Pony Care Package includes a 5" square greeting card (with envelope) designed by Quotable Cards and printed in the USA on recycled paper.

Step 3: Write a Personal Note

Enter your personal note and Present Pony will hand write it in your card.  You can also choose to have a blank card included on the outside of the box for you to write and sign yourself.

Step 4: We pack and ship your Care Package!

Present Pony fills the Care Package with items you selected, packs them carefully in colorful crinkle paper (and sometimes bubble wrap).  The box is then wrapped in an eye catching mailer and shipped to the recipient.  You are notified of shipment and delivery.

Care Packages starting under $40

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