An Easter Basket in Rainboots!

Easter Basket Idea in Rainboots

It is going to snow all day here in Chicago, so Spring feels far away, but it is really just around the corner so I thought I would give you an idea for a different type of Easter basket.  Seems that every spring when the kid was little she would need a new pair of rain boots, I don’t recall where the inspiration came from, but when she was 7 I began a tradition of using her new boots as an Easter basket. 


Bogs are my favorite boots, both for spring and winter, around the barn. 

Pink Bogs Rainboots for Kids

They are easy to pull on, completely waterproof, they hold up to hard work and they are soooooo cute! Lots of fun designs to check out.


So for a change of pace consider stuffing a pair of barn boots with your child’s favorite chocolates, a stuffed animal and a gift card.  I also added some Chicken Poop Lip Junk because it is my favorite and an item I stock for Present Pony gift boxes.

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