Memorial Equine Bracelet

  • 1 min read

Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I said goodbye to my heart horse Sir Edgar.  He was 28 and the time had come.  We were together for 19 years and 10 months, I had hoped we would mark our 20 year anniversary together, but it was not to be.  He was my soul mate and I was privileged to have a good friend, who is also my vet, help me with the transition.


Upon his passing I received so many wonderful messages and cards and gifts.  This post is about a personalized horse memorial bracelet I received.  It touches my heart each morning to put it on my wrist, because I think of Edgar and also the dear friend and veterinarian who gave it to me.

The bracelet is made by ilove2stamp and can be ordered from her Etsy store.  The cuff bracelet is stamped with "You left hoofprints on my heart" on the inside and a horseshoe and the horse's name on the outside edges. When wearing the bracelet, the quote is not visible.  The bracelet is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes.  You can choose from Aluminum (silver), Brass (gold), or Copper (rose gold).  Shipping is quick.  This is a wonderful way to hold a barn buddy in your heart in a time of sorrow and offer something tangible as a remembrance of their partner and your friendship.



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