Personal Preparation for a Horse Show Weekend

  • 2 min read

Today I gave myself a special treat!  A 45 minute personal coaching session with my friend Sary, who lives in Vancouver, Canada.  When Sary asked how we might best use our time together, I immediately thought of the anxiety I was facing, leaving my husband alone to care for the horses, while I went to a horse show.

As Sary began to ask questions, I realized I was actually much more anxious about the show than leaving my husband at home with all the responsibility.  Sary helped me acknowledge that I have become a bit ambivalent about horse showing in recent years.  I have begun to feel that they are a chore or an intrusion on time spent with my husband and daughter, time on the farm and in my garden and marketing my business.  Most of the time I really enjoy myself once I get there, but the days leading up to the show make me regret the entry fee.

I described my feelings as anxious and nervous, unprepared and overwhelmed.  Sary asked how I would rather feel.  This is a key question in a coaching session because we tend to bring into our lives the things we focus on.  Obviously, I do not want to be anxious or unprepared, I *want* to be relaxed, focused, confident and excited about the upcoming competition.  Sary's question led me to focus my mind on what I do want and how to bring those feelings and emotions into my life.

We discussed the steps I could take to make my weekend relaxing, which started with having a plan, a checklist and a timetable.  Sary required that I put a time frame around the creation of these things.  I reviewed my afternoon and we agreed that I would create a plan after I finished at the grocery store.

We also discussed possible roadblocks to the execution of my plan.  I identified the ever possible, always poorly timed, "Something suddenly came up!"  Which led me to create a backup plan with my mother so that I could complete my show preparation on Thursday and take a sorely needed jumping lesson.

We finished our session by identifying the value of enjoying my weekend and feeling excited about showing and by acknowledging the other people who benefit from the creation of positive energy in my life.

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