Some Quick Thoughts

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Girl on bay horse rearing 

This post goes out to all my sisters and brothers who are riding a DJ.  Damn it looks like fun, but you are sweating every minute of it. I am sure anyone riding a 5-year-old Irish horse could write the same.  I could write a similar post about Edgar. 

DJ is an absolutely lovely horse.  That does not mean I won’t say a bad thing about him.  We love DJ.  We would not trade DJ for any other horse cantering around in any discipline.  But trust me, he is a total pain in the ass.  I don’t ride DJ.  Vanessa hates riding DJ, but I pay her sometimes. (Better her than me.)  I am nearly certain Jon would rather ride Grail, I know Jenn would.  In the two years we have owned him, Landry has done 95% of the riding on DJ.  (She is too young to know any better.)

Early on, I thought I might get the final score for my Bronze Medal on DJ.  One, maybe two times in the ring at 3-1, how hard could that be.  But…I hate riding him on the flat.  Oh my goodness, he is a beautiful mover.  Blah, blah, blah.  Let me tell you…that kid is working her ass off.  I am too old to work that hard.  I’d rather wait 3 seasons for Grail to get to 3rd level.

If there are no jumps involved, SLOOOOOOOOW is how he rolls.  The mini pony walks out to the pasture faster than DJ.  And flying changes, you don’t ask him for a change, unless you want to kiss his ears.  DJ decides when to change.

I am generally happy to jump DJ.  He loves to jump.  His balance is so amazingly uphill it would be hard for a blind monkey to miss.  When he hears the buzzer he is forward.  Except when he is spooking.  At the timers.  Or the kid in the baby stroller.  Or the potted plant at the base of the jump we aren’t jumping.  We are blessed that he is happy to slice one after a big spook.

See the first paragraph.  We would not trade DJ for any other horse.  Just remember that a duck gliding smoothly on the surface of the water may be paddling like hell!

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