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Here are my thoughts as they stand on January 9, 2020 regarding Summit Joint Performance. I am a skeptic/realist/pragmatist in general, but I am also pretty open minded about trying new things.

Sunday, December 15, 2019 I gave Edgar his first dose of Summit, hoping for a miracle. Within 12 hours of the first injection I saw dramatic improvement in his comfort. He laid down and rolled for the first time in several days and he was extending his RF heel to the ground which he hadn’t done in some time. I had the vet out on Tuesday, December 17 and Edgar got his chiropractic adjustments, which he enjoyed very much, and we injected the RF knee/ankle/coffin to try to make him comfortable.

I gave the second dose of Summit on Thursday, December 19. On Friday and Saturday, even my husband could see that Edgar was moving better throughout his body, but the reality was, he had no muscle mass, his balance and proprioception were deteriorating and his cellulitis was flaring up again. So the heartbreaking, but correct decision was made.

Thus, I had two doses of Summit Joint Performance remaining from Edgar’s loading doses. I started dialing in on some of the Summit informational calls, talking to my vets and doing research online. Both Grail and DJ had a routine veterinary work up before the holidays with documented findings as to their minor issues. They both got “spinal manipulation therapy” (i.e. chiropractic). This was the best “trial” situation I could create.

Without telling anyone at the barn I gave one dose to Grail on Thursday. January 2.

Recent Issues with Grail:
• When I purchased Grail as a 3 year old, his form through the chute was classic. But he has been jumping with more of a “superman” style recently.
• Trouble picking up the right lead from both the trot and the walk, often picking up the left lead behind and the right in front or just picking up the left lead again and again while going right.
• Hanging on the left rein.
• Not lifting his withers or using the base of his neck in the flat work.
• Flying changes were previously very good right to left and good as long as he was set up left to right. Neither change has been consistent recently and the left to right becoming an issue.

What has improved in 7 days!
• He classic jumping style has returned. I participated in a group lesson on Saturday with comments like “I’ve never seen him jump like that before.” “Does he want to be a Derby horse?”
• He cantered quietly down a 5 stride line and jumped the snot out of a 2’6” oxer today.
• He is engaging the muscles at the base of his neck and staying more consistent in the bridle.
• He happily picks up the right lead from either the trot or the walk. It is a bit more dramatic than the transition on the left, but vastly improved.
• The changes are consistent and clean.

What has not improved
• He still hangs on my left rein.

So, I am not a veterinary professional, but I have tried to do my research on the product. It is USEF and FEI legal in the same way as two of the other injectables we are all fond of. In December the vet noted that Grail was “defensive in the poll”, “withers compressed”, “pelvis fixated”. I have to say, in my layman’s terms, I feel like Summit is improving overall body inflammation/soreness, more like a NSAID or methocarbamol than a joint supplement. Grail is much more “loose” or relaxed and fluid in his body.

Grail gets Platinum Performance Equine and Platinum Performance Skin and Allergy (which I also can’t say enough great things about). DJ gets hay, grain and water and his body weight in soft peppermints and glazed donuts.
Neither have had any prescription meds, joint injections, or additional supplements, related to soundness and performance in the past 6 months*.

So friends, take it at face value. I have signed up to represent the product and am happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability and find the answers if I don’t have them. Of course you would also be welcome to participate in any informational calls to ask your own questions.

I gave Grail his second dose today. DJ tweaked his back in turnout last week and as soon as we have that muscle spasm resolved I will give him his first dose, but I don’t want to muddy the waters, despite feeling that his back might really benefit from the Summit.

There is also a canine version of the product available and I have seen some video and read stories of dramatic results with older dogs, especially. But these stories are not mine and I have not witnessed them firsthand. So I reserve judgement.

*DJ has had banamine or bute prior to and during all vaccinations as he tends to react to his vaccines and we carefully monitor and manage an older tendon injury with localized therapies. He has also had one minor colic episode treated with banamine.

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