Summit Joint Performance - Week 2

  • 2 min read
Maybe the photo is a bit "over the top". Maybe not. Valentine's Day is approaching!!!   Grail receives his 3rd dose of Summit Joint Performance today.
Short Version: Someone needs to take away the keys! I am having so much fun with my "new" horse. Every green horse has issues, right. Training issues? I was in my own head that I had lost my ability to ride and train. Having gotten older, had a child, a shoulder injury, etc. Maybe I just couldn’t do it anymore.
Well…this week, every ride is the best ride I have ever had on Grail. He is not hanging on the left rein, he is carrying himself in the canter. I struggled to find a distance on the right lead because I could not get him balanced and straight in that direction. Now he is using the base of his neck, doing the automatic flying changes after the jumps, lifting his back in the transitions. Just fun, fun, fun. 30 days ago, I struggled to work with him for 20 minutes because resistance is not fun. Now I am having to cut myself off at 50 minutes.
Grail has always been a trier, he wants to please. My assessment is that he was learning and trying all along, but now when he gets an aid, he is comfortable. Today, as we warmed up for our jumping lesson, it was clear that he was not as anxious as he has been in the past. I was finding the jumps off the right as easily as I always have off the left.
Your mileage may vary. This is my experience with my horse. The upshot is that DJ will get his first dose of Summit Joint Performance today.
 I am representing the company.  I get compensated if you purchase through me.  If I learn something I don’t like, I will say so.  Full Stop!  Contact me via PM if you have questions or want to do your own little “experiment”.  I am 100% interested in seeing all my friends and their horses succeed.  Summit isn’t going to change my lifestyle, but it did make a change in my boys.

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