The Girl with No Shame!

  • 2 min read

Bay horse jumping trakhener from long spot

“I am the girl who has no shame left!”

If you have been reading my blog posts, you already know that the desire for perfection is my enemy.  I battle with self judgment.  Others battle with judgment from the sidelines.  In either case, NOT HELPFUL! 

Horses is just one aspect of my life.  I also have this great little ecommerce business that I love developing.  In some ways, it is like being a beginner rider, but no one can see that I don’t know my diagonals yet. 

Today I was on a Zoom Call with women like me, in all different stages with their ecommerce businesses.  I love this group.  I love how dedicated these women are to helping each other succeed and sharing their successes and failures.  Hoping that the newbies can avoid the mistakes they have already made.  What a gift.

At the end of the call, referring to all the different social media marketing methods she had tried, Susan exclaimed “I’m the girl who has no shame left!”

My first thought was “That’s it!”  Many concepts and mantras have been shared to help me let go of the need to be perfect, but this is the one I am going to ride with EVERY DAY, especially in the stadium.  Hell, I might even get a tattoo. 

Ride without shame!  There it is friends.  Really, is there shame in a chip? In grabbing a chair in the air? In going off course or leaving one out?  I can't get better if I don't make mistakes and learn from them.  I can control turnout, my horses’ fitness and condition and my personal preparation, but stuff happens.  “Horses” happens.  Ride without shame, it sure has to be more fun that beating myself up over being human.

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