Why #backtobromont?

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Why did I choose the hashtag #backtobromont?

Like all my good ideas, the thought came to me in the shower.  Much of my brilliance is lost due to the fact that I forget most things by the time I am toweled off and have my hands on pen and paper, but this one stuck. 

In 2003, I completed the Bromont CCI** (Intermediate, classic long format), it was a tortuous week that I would never want to relive, and included a band of truck thieves who stole all the dually pickups from one of the hotels late one night. Getting all the horses and trailers home was a colossal game of "how many empty slots you got?"

#backtobromont is not about getting back to Canada or even getting back to the upper levels of the sport.  It is about a toughness of spirit, a quality of training, a level of horsemanship, a belief in myself and a partnership that existed then.  With the passage of time, motherhood and a lack of focus, those things slipped out of my life.  I've decided I want those things back.

So I did exactly what I did in 2003, I packed up all my stuff and headed south, this time with my daughter.  She is 13.  A green eventer on an experienced upper level horse (KPWN if you are into breeding).  I will enjoy watching her learn all the things, for the first time.  I am 52 and partnered with a green 10 year old OTTB (by Jump Start who is a son of AP Indy).  I am comfortable with the idea that I have forgotten most of what I knew, and also that things have changed.  I will enjoy learning it all again with a new partner.

I am also the owner of The Present Pony.  It is a business I am passionate about, because "Horses" is hard, and community support is vital.  We have to celebrate the journey, because the final placings are not always ours to control, no matter how hard we work or how well we ride.

This is our adventure.



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