No Drama Barn Mamas

It is that time of year.  Here in the Upper Midwest, June is a little early for this extreme heat and humidity, but we are dealing with it.  This is a great info-graphic by  Something to read carefully and share with your daughter.
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Honestly, I debated it for a few days, because the topic is controversial and I am not a trainer, right?!?! So what business is it of mine to talk about bits. But it falls smack in the realm of judgment. We judge each other for the bits we ride in. Some of us are getting dragged all over Mother Nature's kingdom and back for the sake of a snaffle bit, when really our horses would be happier if we just took one tug on a big bit...
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I was almost cleaned up when Junior finally got back to the barn after a less than perfect lesson.  I reminded her that we came here to learn and that horses is hard.  She said, “I don’t need to be perfect, I just don’t want to suck.”

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