No Boobs No Boots

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Akkkk!  My daughter wants to show in tall boots!  Is she old enough?  What is appropriate?

So I did my research, asking trainers, judges, and parents I trusted.  Here’s what I learned.  Back in my day, the rule was “No boobs, no boots.”  And you can certainly let that be your guide today, although like everything else in life, the kids today are growing up much more quickly than their parents did.

First, what I determined to be the hard and fast rules, as though there are any hard and fast rules in horses - YMMV.  If your daughter is 13 or older, has the figure of a young lady and is riding a horse, she should wear tall boots. 

If your child is under 10 and riding a medium or a small pony she should wear jods and paddock boots.  If you fall into either of these categories, Boom!  You are done.

Now we get into the grey area, to a certain extent your decision will depend on how traditional you and your trainer are.  The more “old school”, the longer you will keep your kids in jods.  And who doesn’t want to send out a Holiday card with their child on a pony in those adorable bows!

PC:  Dory Touhey Photography

If you child looks like a young adult and is riding a large pony or a horse, consider tall boots.  If your young adult still looks like a child in both build and height, you can stick with jods on either a horse or pony, though he/she may resist because they all want to be the big kid, jumping the big fences in the custom tall boots.

Your 8 year old is tiny but goes around on a huge saint of a horse.  Jods, of course.  So, so, so adorable.

Your child is 10 years old, almost 5 feet tall, rides a large pony, barely fits in size 16 jods and is developing a feminine figure.  You could probably pull off jods but you can consider tall boots.

Your child is 13 years old, 4’9, rides a medium and is as straight and flat as a board.  Jods.  The deciding factor here would be the pony.  Same kid on a horse?  Grey area.

Your child is 5 feet tall, 11 years old, rides a horse, mmmm.  Tall boots? Jods?  It might depend on her build.  When my daughter moved from a size children's 16 to an adult 24 there were no jods, so tall boots became the only option.  I think the "picture" would have been better in jods and paddock boots but either it wasn't an option or she just WORE ME DOWN.


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