The Gateway Drug - Stretching to the Contact

  • 1 min read

 Woman Sitting in Chair teaching riding lesson

When Landry and I arrived in Ocala (OMG!) 10 weeks ago, she was a dressage poser.  DJ did a nice job of trotting around in a frame with some cadence, usually flexed right regardless of the direction of travel.   Landry sat on his back, thumbs on top, shoulders of a Queen with an inconsistent contact and nagging leg.  I’m her mother, I get to say these things.

TODAY!  For the first time!  The horse came through and stretched to the bit.  That thing, that feeling, that swing, that stretch.  Jenn and I both had our heads tilted to the side, you know what I am talking about, and simultaneous exclaimed “Yes! Do you feel that!?”  “That’s IT, baby!”

Honest to God, to watch your kid find that, it is pretty cool.  Truth be told, I could see the mental fatigue, a bit of sass that had to be put back in the box, she held it together.  Jenn pushed right to the brink.  She dances like a master between getting more from her student and having them shut down.

Back in the barn, cleaning tack, Landry said “I’m not sure I can find it again on my own, without Jenn telling me what to do.”  Dressage is about feel, and you need someone to help you find the feel and then help you learn how to recreate it.

And here is where we are blessed.  I got to ask if she wants two dressage lessons each week while we are here.  Landry said yes.  She got her first taste and she wants more.

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