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Growing up, my mom was uncomfortable around horses, and she also hated the barn drama. My dad was the parent who hooked up the trailer, helped me in the barn, and took me to lessons. As a result, I had a very close relationship with my dad while my mom went to dance lessons and cheer practice with my sister. (As a recovering Cheer Mom, I can testify that there is plenty of drama in that sport as well.)

I think building a bond with your daughter is about bridging what feels like an ever-widening chasm between you and her. One way to bridge this gap is to pay attention to what she's into. The things she can't stop talking about. And if what she's into is horses, then this group is for you.

Let me help you create a fantastic relationship with your horse-crazy kid, tween or teen, by teaching you about horses and the equestrian life! My mission is to transform non-horsey mamas from overwhelmed and intimidated to horse savvy, laid back and using the lingo.

The Founder's Care Package

Supplies of The Founder's Care Package are limited and will ship immediately! 

No Drama Barn Mama Care Package ($65 retail)

            8-ounce candle from Grey Horse Candle Company,

            Dreamers + Schemers Boot Socks

            No Drama Llama Horse Cookies, handmade by Snaks 5th Avenchew,

            Handcrafted goat's milk soap by Mud Ponies

            Candy Club Candy Jar that anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy

            Mother-daughter relationship-building exercise 

I want No Drama Barn Mamas to be your "go to" place to get answers to your questions and find support from other Barn Mamas.

I suspect the best way to help Barn Mamas who don't want DRAMA is on an ongoing basis, month after month.

So, on April 1, I'm planning on launching a Membership Site that does precisely that and I cannot wait to get started! As you move from newbie to pro-mama, I'll provide new content and fun ways to connect with your daughter through horses.

I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey by becoming a Founding Member.

A No Drama Community

If you're a No Drama Barn Mama looking for reliable information from the mom of a horse-crazy daughter (who is also an experienced equestrian with access to trainers and grooms at the top of the sport), I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey by becoming a Founding Member.

I have allocated a limited number of Founding Memberships. For a one-time cost of $49.95, Founding Members will receive the following, and you will also get to play a part in helping shape the experience.

**Supplies of the No Drama Barn Mama Care Package are limited and will ship immediately! 

•          No Drama Barn Mama Care Package ($65 retail)

•          Unlimited lifetime access to the Knowledge Base ($120 annually)

•          Lifetime access to the Private Facebook Group ($60 annually)

•          Special discounts on all No Drama Courses and Mini-Courses

•          Special pricing on Subscription Boxes and the T-shirt Club


My Career with Horses

Began riding over fences in the Equitation ring and over outside hunt courses in the 1970's

Joined USEA in 1998.

Rode Beginner Novice through the Intermediate/CCI*** level

Completed Morven Park CCI** and Bromont CCI***

Groomed at Radnor CCI*** and Rolex CCI*****

Trained extensively with CCI***** Athletes

NAYRC Chef d’Equipe 2003-2005

Scored 65%+ at USDF Second Level

Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Test Rider 2004-2006

Remember, this is a work in progress and will not be fully available until April 1.

Still, I would love to have some Mamas direct the early content creation so that it is immediately useful.

Questions? Send me a DM or reply to this email before all the limited Founding Member slots are filled, and I'll send you details on how to get your Present Pony Care Package with treats for you, your daughter, and your pony, and access to the Private Facebook Group and the Knowledge Base.

I appreciate your support, and I hope you will join me on this journey as a Founding Member of No Drama Barn Mamas!

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