Meet The Present Pony

I love to give gifts!  Once I find what I believe to be the perfect gift, I can’t wait to give it.  I find it next to impossible to hold off until the “occasion of the giving”.

“Here!  I know your birthday isn’t for three weeks, but I found this yesterday and have to give it to you NOW!  Hope you like it!”  That’s me.

Giving a gift that is appreciated, that says “I really care about you.”,  ” I am so thankful for what you did.” or “I am sorry for your loss.” is important to me.

My first “Great Gift” memory goes back to Valentine’s Day in elementary school.  I woke up to find a big beautiful box on the kitchen table.  It was wrapped in red and pink and white paper, tied with a big red polka-dot ribbon.  Inside, the Fischer Price Airport.  The toy I thought of night and day.  (I probably talked about it night and day too!  Gee Mom, how did you know?)

As a kid, birthdays and random fun holidays usually involved a present on the kitchen table at breakfast.  Along with being raised on the joys of gift giving, I was also immersed in a life with horses and ponies.  Finding Great Gifts for my equestrian friends, trainers, and barn owners was frustrating.  Small tokens of appreciation were REALLY frustrating.

I figured there had to be a way to say “thank you”, “I love you”, “happy birthday” that would bring joy to both parties.  So I started Present Pony.  Give a Great Gift!

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