Our vision

Our product line came from the personal motivation to find not only something healthy that you could eat on-the-go, but to source the highest quality ingredients possible to use. We carefully source and select ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

The connection to what you eat, how you feel, and your level of happiness is so important to pay attention to. Not only do we believe in being mindful to the planet by eating a plant-based diet, but we also believe in living mindful everyday with each other and with ourselves.

Gift Ideas for the Equestrian  This is a wonderful way to hold a barn buddy in your heart in a time of sorrow and offer something tangible as a remembrance of their partner and your friendship. The cuff bracelet is stamped with "You left hoofprints on my heart" on the inside and a horseshoe and the horse's name on the outside edges.
For a change of pace consider stuffing a pair of barn boots with your child’s favorite chocolates, a stuffed animal and a gift card.  

Ma-ka-rohn Bakery is owned by a husband and wife team dedicated to perfecting the Macaron for the American consumer!  They deliver these freshly baked macarons nationwide.   Ohhhhh emmmmmm geeeeeee!  Did they ever get it right.

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