Welcome to Present Pony! Everyone loves receiving a box filled with cool stuff in the mail, but coming up with care package ideas is easier said than done. Even more challenging is tracking everything down, boxing it up, and OH MY getting it to the post office.

My mission is to help you Give a Great Gift. Present Pony will help you curate the perfect care package for the English equestrian in your life. You make your selections. I gather the supplies, tuck everything into a festive gift box and send it on its way.

I don’t think personal needs to be pricey (of course, that can be fun too)! Present Pony gives you a wide selection of useful, attractive, quality, equestrian-oriented items from which to create your care package. You can pick and choose the items that make you smile (and are within your budget) or I can pick them for you.

Present Pony makes it simple to create the right gift for your equestrian— who may be physically far away but still near and dear to your heart. You really can put a happy moment into a box or send a warm hug through the mail.

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