Goat's Milk Soap

Treat your skin to our luxurious goat milk soap bars that will restore the skin's pH and natural defenses. They are the best prevention against bacteria, germs, and viruses and help resolve skin issues like bacne, acne, eczema, and other skin disorders.

Goat milk and kefir soap bars are gentle enough for everyone in the house including babies and people with sensitive skin. You can learn more about the power of our goat milk soap bars here and all about the pH of your skin here.

Basic Soap Formulations: Organic EV Olive Oil, Organic EV Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Distilled Water, Raw Goat Milk, Raw Goat Kefir, Premium Essential Blend. 

Black Licorice & Coffee Soap coffee beans are Certified Organic Coffee Grounds, Colombia Caldas, Finca La Cascada Coffee from Corner Perk in Downtown Bluffton, SC.


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